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Tips & Troubleshooting

Ways to Prevent Problems

  • When removing a paper jam:
      • When at all possible remove the paper using its natural paper path as your guide.
      • Look for indicators in or on the machine for specifics.
      • The control panel on large machines indicates where the jam may be located.
      • Green stickers, knobs, and gears mark areas that are safe for you to access or use to remove jams.
      • Never jerk the paper out. If you do, you may break a part or a small piece of paper may get caught and require a service call.
      • For more information check the manual.
  • Have the unit cleaned regularly.
  • Use a surge protector or, better yet, a line filter on the power line, not just a power strip.
  • Call for service when needed.


  • Error Codes
    • Try turning the machine off and back on. Some error codes may clear if the problem that triggered it has been rectified.
    • If the error continues to occur after a couple of attempts to clear it note what the code is and check your user guide for solutions.
    • If you cannot resolve the issue request service.
  • Machine Won't Turn On
    • Check the plug, the connection to the machine and that the power switch is on.
    • Try something else in the outlet to see if there's power to the outlet.
  • Paper Jams
    • Check paper for moisture.
      • Try wiping the feed tires and inside of the machine with a cloth to correct the problem.
    • Check your media type.
      • If you are using special media make sure to check your device specifications to make sure your device will work properly with the media you are using.
  • Documents Won’t Feed or Feeds Multiple Pages at Once
    • Clean document feed rollers and pad with a rag & water or light window cleaner. Check your manual for the recommended cleaner for your device.
  • Wrinkly Pages
    • Check the paper for moisture.
    • Try new paper.
    • If the problem persists, the feed, exit, or fuser rollers may be worn, call for service.
  • Noises
    • Check for small pieces of paper jammed in abnormal places.
    • If you have a cartridge-based device, try replacing th cartridge.
  • Machine Won't Receive a Fax But Rings Continuously on Sender's Side
    • Make sure the phone line is in the telephone line plug.
    • Make sure the machine is set to Auto Receive and Receive Rings is set to no more than two rings.

Image Quality Problems

Most machines have their own set of maintenance adjustments that can be run and should be run periodically. For example, a full auto gradation should be run for any color issues. We have included a few universal adjustments below, in their respective areas. Check your manual for a complete list of the automatic cleanings and adjustments that your device is capable of.
  • Lines or Spots on Pages
    • Check document glass and/or slit glass for marks and clean. The most common problem is foreign material on the scanning glass, i.e. white out, black ink, etc. If the line or spot always appears in the same place or the line is pencil thin and does not go to the edge of the paper, then it is on the glass. Consult your manual for information on the proper cleaning solution.
    • If the lines look like tire marks from your document feeder perform the “Automatic Feeder Cleaning” function under Additional Functions or Settings/Registration on iR Advanced machines. See your manual for further instruction.
    • Perform the device’s “Clean Inside Main Unit” function under Additional Functions or Settings/Registration on iR Advanced machines. See your manual for further instruction.
    • If the problem persists after cleaning, it may be the imaging unit.
      • If you have a cartridge type copier, chaange the cartridge.
      • If your copier has a drum separate from the toner, request service.
  • Dark or Light Copies
    • Try adjusting the density control. Check your manual for information on how to perform a density adjustment.
    • If you have a cartridge-based device, try changing the cartridge.
  • Voided Areas
    • Check your user manual to see if your machine has the option of cleaning it's wires automatically, if so perform this function.
    • Check for moisture or poor quality in your paper.
  • Color-Related Issues
    • Perform the device’s Automatic Gradation Adjustment function under Additional Functions or Settings/Registration on iR Advanced machines. See your manual for further instruction.
      • Full Adjust is the most complete color adjustment and as such does take several minutes, however it makes a big difference in your prints when you are printing on anything heavier than plain paper. Always run a full adjust using the paper type that you will be printing on.
      • Quick Adjust runs automatically throughout your everyday print jobs, however if you would like to run a quicker adjustment you may choose this option.

Request Service for All Unresolved Issues